Energy Circles

Energy Circles

90-minute Group Circles

Circles are held in the privacy of your home. The intention is to gather the people who are important to you in your life so that the shared experience makes a huge impact when learning this valuable technique together. Group Circles are, private, and intimate…

The circles include, the basics of  EFT – “Tapping,” and a comprehensive way to get you to start meditating.  Participants will gain full insight on how EFT works and how it can be utilized on a daily basis in their own lives.

As different aspects surface for each individual, Diane will give them tips on how they can approach their own self-healing process to help them live a happier and more productive life.

How Group Circles Work:
  • Diane will show you how you can tap with your fingertips on specific meridian endpoints on the body where the ultimate goal is to achieve a  calm state of wellbeing.
  • This is done in rounds where shared phrases are repeated by the circle participants as we tap together as a group.
  • The perspective of end results is different for everyone, as each person brings their own situations to the circle. each personal Situation does not have to be revealed.
  •  If individuals decide to share their process results after each round, Diane will make suggestions for resolution on the things they have been carrying inside their bodies that are blocking them in their own personal release.
  • Call 631.974.4541 to speak to someone for more information
  •   $35 pp excluding the hostess, as a thank you for hosting.

These circles can be held at any house location the host arranges.

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