Energy Circles

Energy Circles

Group Circles can have up to 6 participants and are 90-120 minutes long.

Circles are held in the privacy of your home. The intention is to gather the people who are important to you in your life so that the shared experience makes a huge impact when learning this valuable technique together. Group Circles are, private, and intimate…

The circles include, the basics of  EFT – “Tapping,” and a comprehensive way to get you to start meditating.  Participants will gain full insight on how EFT works and how it can be utilized on a daily basis in their own lives.

As different aspects surface for each individual, Diane will give them tips on how they can approach their own self-healing process to help them live a happier and more productive life.

How Group Circles Work:
  • The Host/Hostess (the initiator*) gathers up to six friends  or family members who are interested in learning this phenomenal technique.
  • Total fee per session is $300.
  • Suggested fee per participant is $50.

Note: It is at the discretion of the initiator to either contribute money to the total fee of $300 or to divide the total fee by the number of guests, if there are less than 7 joining the circle.

If there are less than 7 attending, there may be more time to address individual concerns. However, 1 ½ hours is ample time to learn the basics of ‘Tapping’ and leave empowered.

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