Pain and “Tapping”

Pain and “Tapping”

There are two basic thoughts about pain.
1. There is this scientific proof of the mind/body connection:

If we are not in a good emotional place in our minds, i.e. whether it be a result of past trauma, or an argument/confrontation we just had with a family member, for instance we will ultimately affect our body if we are not grounded. (This does not mean you are not “allowed” to be or show your anger, actually it’s a good thing to release it); although, eventually we can learn to manage it in a different way. It means we need to get rid of the negative energy or the blockage which is a result of that incidence. If we shove it under the carpet of life and are still able to continue forward; our body can still hold on to this pain, and it lodges somewhere. When we continue this pattern we can end up with a pattern of pain. Be it migraines, back pain, or even a simple headache. These become our personal Achilles Heel. Have you ever heard of someone who gets lung cancer but has never smoked nor been around someone who smoked? Or someone who never made beach bathing a habit and usually covered up and got Melanoma anyway? I believe we manifest all dis-ease in our bodies. We activate whatever is our inherent Achilles heel, and there we go, we manifest our own maladies and illnesses.
If we are not feeling good in our heads, it affects our body in an instant, or it hides and accumulates and eventually it has to surface and show itself. I am not a doctor. I am just someone who experienced this first hand with my cancer. I have experience and a real story to tell. I have a true understanding of the mind/body connection.

2. I also believe, the opposite is true.

Let’s say the physical experience appears 1st; we get into an accident and or have that heart attack (as a result of the above example), or feel a migraine coming on; here we are experiencing pain and discomfort . We are stressed, sad, and depressed about our accident, or heat attack or something of the like. And, we find ourselves unable to reconcile the event emotionally in our mind. We reinforce all the “It’s my faults,” and “Why did/does this happen to me,” and the tapes in our brain that reinforce this conversation with ourselves. Now we may think we are broken, maybe fractured in some way, no longer whole; emotionally giving into our life circumstance. And the cycle begins.

The above examples are completely subjective. We each experience our lives differently. However, being responsible for ourselves, means clearing out the cobwebs so that we can make peace with ourselves. If we don’t do this, no one else will. We can initiate healing in our body by being specific and truthful about our thoughts and emotions surrounding our pain. By being specific and truthful about what happened, and the emotions surrounding the event, in most cases we can actually “Tap” it out! I believe on any level, we can release from our bodies that which no longer serves us, whether it be mental, physical or spiritually rooted.

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