Group Seminars

Group Seminars

Group Seminars are limited to 8-12 participants and are 90 minutes.

Group seminars present an opportunity is for each person to have a full understanding of how EFT can be used, and applied to the individual needs of each attending participant.  The objective is to manage the everyday stresses and frustrations that show up in our lives. Tips on how everyone can use this energy modality in their lives when dealing with their own specific issues, will be addressed. In addition a group participatory demonstration of meditation will  include a comprehensible explanation of why these two techniques can go, hand in hand, when learning how to get in touch with your own energy field, and how to use to your advantage as you strive for optimal health. This serves as a  wonderful exercise for small business employees as well as small corporate groups.

In a Group Seminar Setting individuals will:

  • Learn the basic Tapping Points and leave knowing how to utilize EFT for themselves.
  • Three rounds of interactive “Tapping” will be experienced. Participants are urged to work on issues that have been occupying their focus and causing stress, anxiety or tension.
  • Q &A to follow after the 3 rounds are completed.
  • Instructional Guideline Handouts will be distributed and reviewed.
  • Some background and science behind EFT are discussed.
  •  A  short Group Meditation will be integrated into the session with the understanding of how it can be used along with EFT as a practice.

The Outcome

In seeing and understanding a new perspective and, in feeling an actual shift in our bodies we can dismantle the false beliefs that are running our lives. (Often those we didn’t even know about). We can then feel the love for ourselves.  Only when we reach this point can we bring our authentic happy self to the table. In “self-love,” we can feel our own power.

When we take our inner world to a peaceful place, our outer world (our environment, other people and circumstances) cannot elicit a reaction from us that puts us into “Survival Mode”. Wouldn’t it be nice to be present for other people, and those we love without compromising our own precious energy force?  We can get out of the cycle which can create all kinds of dis-ease in us, on a mental, physical and emotional level.