Change all begins with thinking

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  • Stella Shieh

    I think that, especially in light of recent events in the media, that examining and reworking our neural pathways to become the best that we can be. Even people who are extremely accomplished and successful on the outside can benefit from these processes and lead a more fulfilling life. Our brain is a really essential element of our health and I agree that it is used in an uncountable number of exchanges throughout our lives. By using Dr. Dispenza’s methods I think that anyone would be able to find and take care of mental baggage that may be preventing us from living our best life.

    • Eftadmin

      I agree Stella, we are all works in progress. We can and keep adding to our abilities to become more accomplished each day. All we have to do is start! I recently saw Dr. Joe in person at the Spirituality and Science Conference of 2018 in Vancouver. In one word… he is OUTSTANDING! We are all capable of expanding and changing the way we react to situations and things that trigger us in general. We do this by getting in touch with the emotions that lie behind these instances, and fuel us. It is a fact that Meditation can generate this result. A real practice of ‘Mindfulness’ is where I’m going with this. There are many different ways to meditate. All we have to do is find the one that works for us. There are many ways to practice this. I honestly believe that this is a very important component to our individual growth! Dr. Joe nails this, but it takes practice. You can see some of Dr. Joe’s Videos on my “Favorite Video page.” I am in complete awe of this man and what he does. Check him out! Thank you Stella!

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