We attract to us that which we emanate…

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  • Penny Tope

    Rumi — ‘Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.’ Thank you, Rumi! I begin each day by connecting with my heart, lifting prayers of gratitude, and scheduling the time for meditation. This practice prepares me for my day and gives me the tools I need to change my story. I am a work in progress 🙂 Thank you, Diane! You have shared numerous resources on your website that I am anxious to explore. The photos are lovely. I am currently reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book “Becoming Supernatural”. He is an amazing teacher.

    • Eftadmin

      Hi Penny, I’m glad you chose Wayne Dyer’s excerpt to comment on! He will surely be missed! A great spiritual teacher who shared his own struggles with all of us! I love what you wrote. Rumi is someone I will feature at some point, He possesses a magical way to be profound and insightful with such ease. I love the way you start your day; what a great practice ritual. I think we all need some kind of ritual that carries us into the morning and hopefully throughout the day! When I awaken, I have made it my practice to say “Thank You.” I say it out loud. It’s simple and that leads me to think about all the people and things I am in gratitude for! Very much like you! We all need to find those fundamental things that can start our day in appreciation. Taking some moments to do that can have great benefits for the spirit. Meditation holds the power to elevate everyone of us. It’s something we can all practice even if you start with 5 minutes a day! I also meditate, and when I am consistent, I can feel the change in my attitude, my patience threshold, and my awareness. Ahhhh. Dr. Joe! “Becoming Supernatural” is his most current book; I also have it on my reading list! (I guess great minds think alike)! Don’t be surprised if you see the book highlighted here soon! And, Thank You for all your accolades; I’m glad that you enjoy this site and I hope you share whenever you have the impulse! (Maybe something about Dr. Joe’s current book that inspires you)!

  • Krista Giannak

    I know the power of setting good intentions first hand. When my whole being is really behind that intention, it changes my thoughts, the words I use, and the way people perceive me. The belief that we subconsciously attract all the bad things in our lives can be harmful though, because it can lead to blame, guilt, and shame. It’s better to say that our intentions and beliefs can influence how people perceive and react to us.

    • Eftadmin

      Hi Krista, I love the way you put that. We are our thoughts; we are what we think, just as we are what we eat. Bad thoughts come into everyone’s consciousness, knowing how to sit with them, change them and do the work is another thing. I like the way you stated your view in the positive, it’s so impactful. I like to say to people please remember…instead of don’t forget!..which one makes you feel better?

  • Dr. Wendy Treynor

    Dear Diane,

    You have such a fantastic website, and I love your blog! YOU ARE A POWERFUL HEALER! Thank you for sharing your love, wisdom, and expertise with us and the world!



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